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Owners: Mark and Jean Fisher
Instructor: Jean Fisher, CVT
About us...

 Mark's vast experience in animal nutrition comes from his work in both graduate and undergraduate training at the University of Illinois. His thesis work was in amino acids (horses). He also worked at the University's horse barns and was a contributor on several other equine research projects. Mark managed a local feed store for almost a decade before opening Animal Outfitters. His vast knowledge of petfood processing, quality and types of ingredients serves as his commitment to ensuring his clients are provided the best and safest nutritional products for their beloved companions!
Jean worked as a Certified Veterinary Technician at the University of Illinois Vet School for about 2 decades, having also worked in private practice. Jean's lifelong love of dogs, training and care has helped her to attain many highly esteemed titles in the areas of Agility, Herding, and Obedience. Her dogs have been owner-handled to Conformation Championships and Westminster Kennel Club awards. Jean's extensive background in training has allowed her to become a leading animal behaviorist, working with dogs with aggression, socialization, and other problematic behaviors. She has also been published in books and periodicals as well as made appearances on the Martha Stewart show. She is past Superintendent/Instructor of the Champaign County 4-H dog training club. Jean has shared her Shelties doing pet therapy at adult daycare certers, child daycares and preschools, and also libraries. 
Mark and Jean's personal commitment to proper canine stewardship and health care invites clients to a bounty of trust, safety, and comfort.