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We've included an informatory page of special tips and items of interest when choosing a daycare or training facility. Each owner should feel their dog is in a safe and secure environment. The most important way to make this determination is the qualifications of those employees. Background and experience should be extensive. Taking care of dogs, such as in a boarding kennel situation, does not accomplish extensive experience. Neither does taking a leisurely course about animal behavior with some organization whose purpose is to profit by giving unproven short courses. Also, just "loving animals" just doesn't prove the necessity of understanding dog behavior, breed characteristics, and troubleshooting the insight into the canine mind. Therefore, the only proven methods of understanding individual canine needs and safety issues regarding daycare and training can only be accomplished by having trained multiple dogs to high degrees and titles! This establishes the capability that the operator can work with different individuals and troubleshoot training challenges, stress, and thought processes of MANY canine individuals. It is the PROOF that shows the ingenuity of the trainer and that they can provide direction to achieve the highest goal! This is actually a gift that few people possess.  Those apprenticing with an esteemed trainer would take several years to gain only a portion of the background needed. 

Questions to think about:

Would you put your precious pup in the care of unproven, unskilled employees?

Will your dog just sit in a kennel all day?

Is the staff pleasant, friendly, and willing to go the extra mile to be helpful?  Do they have the knowledge to be informed about health and nutrition concerns?

Is the facility clean, bright and conducive to a thriving environment?

Can the dogs go outside during anytime of the day?

If your dog has an emergent situation, does the staff have the capability to recognize it and seek veterinary assistance? Do they have a good working relationship with a veterinarian?

   Helpful Tips for Daycare or Training